Three Ways Content Marketing Grows Your Business

Posted by John Wodka on Jun 11, 2015 6:30:00 AM

keyword_graphic_r1According to Content Marketing Institute, 70% of B2B Marketers say they are creating more content then they did one year ago. 

Before a consumer buys a car, diamond, home, or decides which plumber or foundation repair expert to trust, there is normally a bit of online research that goes into their decision. So, it would be beneficial to create content to help others find you. However, before they can find you, you must first rank for keywords in which you can become an authority. If you gain no other insights today, at least contact us for a FREE keyword search evaluation to help give your business a head start with the search engines or check out this FREE Key Word Tool

Content comes in many formats. Here are just a few:

Here Are Three Ways Content Grows Your Business:

Because Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines keep track of everything you publish online, the more relevant content you publish, the greater authority you will have. It is also important to integrate keywords and phrases with lower difficulty ratings within your content. 

1. Authority & Credibility

Take a little time to examine your online presence to ensure your “authority status” is properly conveyed through your messaging and branding. If you know what you’re talking about, you need to make sure that your ideal client can figure that out rapidly.

If you are not afraid to share information outside your company or ministry, it will give you more credibility and customers will return knowing that you are the authority on the topic and not just self-promoting. This is the way that Progressive Insurance built their platform, 'we'll give you our pricing and our competitors pricing'. We can't win them all, but we'll win authority and credibility and grow our business in the process. 

2. SEO Gold

Even though you may not be physically located in a big city like Dallas, Houston, or San Francisco, if you target customers within those cities, chances are they are going to add their city to their online search. The key is targeting keywords in which you can be an influence. If you are a small or medium sized business with a smaller online platform, be realistic by targeting keywords with less than a 50 difficulty rating. Integrate these keywords within your website and in your meta tag descriptions. Excellent is the enemy of good. Your content should be good and useful for your audience, but good content more often is better than excellent content infrequently. 

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3. More Traffic

The more often you post new and relevant information on your website with the keywords you are trying to influence the more often you will appear on the top pages of the search engines. This will add traffic to your websites with little expense. Some agencies will even post new relevant content to your website for you on a weekly basis for as little as $400 - $500 a month.

Another great way to get more clicks on your website is to post relevant content on your social media pages. Start with one or two social media platforms. Master those before trying to be everywhere. Facebook ads can reach targeted cities and demographics for as little as $5 CPM (cost-per-thousand).  

Here are some pointers to make the best possible body of your blog:

  • Include visuals
  • Include short explanatory phrases in your headers
  • At the end, transition into your conclusion

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Give the Love:

If you give more, you will eventually receive. Keep the practice of sharing information, promoting and encouraging others, and not always self-promoting. Eventually, the love will come back. We're believers in Grace over Karma. You may not receive all that you give, but it's a good practice to give more when building your online platform. 

Congratulations! You're on your way to being an influential online platform creator. 

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