Stop Asking, Why is Social Media Important: 5 Easy Social Media Tips

Posted by John Wodka on Apr 28, 2015 6:25:00 AM

Why_is_Social_Media_ImportantDid you know?

According to Hubspot, 90% of all businesses now use social media for business purposes, whether they are trying to build brand awareness, grow an engaged following, support their customers, or leverage social to drive leads and customers for their business. (FREE Download)

Use your introduction as a way to tell the reader how this collection of ideas will help them. Keep it light by including a personal story. If you have any data that you can include relating to your list, include that in your introduction, too.

Here are some examples of how we use list blog posts here at HubSpot:


Here are 5 tips that will help you succeed in effective social media strategy:

1. Be Consistent: 

Not all of your posts will be seen. If you post consistently (5 - 7 times a week) you will be top of mind, increase your visibility, and create more content that will help your company or ministry stay relevant in search results.

2. Provide Value:

If you are providing value to another company, you will not only attract visitors, but you will provide them a reason to return. Be an encourager. Share their ideas. Promote others.

3. Make it About Your Audience Not You:

Too many companies talk about all the features they provide when what people want to hear is 'Why is social media important to me and how will it help me drive sales?'

4. Solve a Problem:

When you are working with your existing customers or followers ask them what their biggest challenge is that they are not able to solve on their own. Challenge yourself to find solutions to your clients' problems and you'll have plenty of business.

5. Relevant Titles and Questions:

When you come up with the title, picture, and or question that will headline your social media or blog post, ask 'Would I click on this?'. If not, try again. Here's an idea: '7 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy is Failing and How to Fix It'.


When you write, remember to think about how you are helping others and providing value. Are you solving their problems or just writing about what interests you?

Why is social media important to you?

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